What do top B2B platforms have to offer?

What do top B2B platforms have to offer?

The B2B market is growing every day. More and more new players are entering this market and some of them are simply trying to get a bigger share of this growing market. Obviously, with the help of a good B2B platform, you should be able to achieve your objective in a simpler way. Those who have experience in this area know that every B2B platform is different. They have specific characteristics that set them apart from the others. However, if you want to be sure that you’ve made the right choice for your business, you should look for a platform that has some essential features that are built for business success. Here are the things that the top B2B platforms have:

Quick setup

It should not take a lot of time before you start selling your products on the Internet. The most successful B2B platforms let users import their product catalog as well as their customer lists directly from the accounting software or other similar sources without any hassles. In addition, potential clients should be able to place an order with a few clicks as possible.

Smooth online payments

With the best B2B platforms, users should be able to get and process payments for their products right away. So, all the client has to do is to submit the order and the payment should be processed instantaneously. In addition, many of them are able to store the payment information in a database that’s secured with the help of the latest software in this area.

Order management

The most important thing here is to allow customers to self-serve. This means that you will speed up the process of taking and processing orders. As a result of that, you should expect fewer problems in the future.

Customization and branding

Another thing that you should take into account is the ability to customize your brand and the overall appearance of your website. There are many B2B platforms that allow complete customization or at least customization of some parts of the website.


We will end this list with another important thing and that’s integration. The best B2B platforms are offering hassle-free integration with the most popular software solution related to accounting, reporting, marketing etc. Thanks to this integration you can improve the functionality of your eCommerce website.

These are the basic things that you should analyze in order to choose the top B2B platform for your business.

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