The best B2B platform examples

The best B2B platform examples

In case you want to take your small, medium-sized or big business on another level, you should start looking for the top B2B platforms right away. In other words, you must expand your business operations on the Internet too. Of course, there are many options that you can use, but only a few of them are really top-class solutions. We will use this article to showcase the best B2B platform examples. Pick the one that suits your specific business needs and requirements.

Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce was built on Ruby on Rails. Today, this is one of the fastest-growing B2B eCommerce platforms at least when it comes to users’ communities. There are many things that you will probably like about Spree Commerce including the fact that this solution comes with an admin panel that’s quite simple, yet effective. Needless to say, this eCommerce platform has a wide range of useful features. It’s possible to choose many extensions that can make your website work even better. Unlimited extensions and a great level of flexibility – these are the two best things about Spree Commerce.


OpenCart is a B2B eCommerce example worth consideration especially if you are a small business owner. Even without prior knowledge in the field of coding, you can still create and run an eCommerce website. Generally speaking, it’s quite simple to launch an OpenCart-powered store. This platform promises access to all the essential online store functions. The only downside is that you can’t conduct complex marketing campaigns with this platform. But, using the basic version of this platform is completely free which is a huge advantage for many B2B business owners. It’s also good to know that OpenCart comes with a wide range of plugins which make OpenCart even more functional.


We will finish this list with osCommerce which represents another solid B2B eCommerce solution. This is one of the oldest platforms of this kind. If you are interested in creating a unique online store with many features then you can use tons of extensions available at osCommerce. It’s a good thing that osCommerce has a community which including thousands of developers. In case you are facing any problem, it’s very likely that you will get an answer right away. However, there are some eCommerce website owners who say that this platform needs modernization because the old structure affects the functionality of websites.

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